Deploying using Hazelcast Cloud - BETA

A simple option for deploying Hazelcast is Hazelcast Cloud. It delivers enterprise-grade Hazelcast software in the cloud. You can deploy, scale and update your Hazelcast easily using Hazelcast Cloud; it maintains the clusters for you. You can use Hazelcast Cloud as a low-latency high-performance caching or data layer for your microservices, and it is also a nice solution for state management of serverless functions (AWS Lambda).

Hazelcast Cloud uses Docker and Kubernetes, and is powered by Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise HD. It is initially available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to be followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Since it is based on Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise HD, it features advanced functionalities such as TLS, multi-region, persistence, and high availability.

Note that Hazelcast Cloud is currently in beta. See here for more information and applying for a beta.