5.3.1 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 of Hazelcast Management Center (MC).


  • SQL Browser:

    • Added graceful handling for SQL Browser websocket buffer overflow. [MC-2092]

    • Added an ability to resize the SQL Browser left panel. [MC-2091]

    • Added an ability to select SQL Browser results with a right mouse click. [MC-1938]

    • Esc or clicking outside the Connector wizard now closes it. [MC-2022]

  • Changed the login time at the top right corner to 24-hour clock. [MC-2122]

  • Added margins to Client tables. [MC-2110]


  • SQL Browser:

    • Fixed documentation link in SQL Browser. [MC-2183]

    • Fixed SQL Browser results scroll jump after the first 1000 rows. [MC-2182]

    • Fixed the SQL Browser left panel message where it was mentioning a nonexistent button. [MC-2175]

    • Fixed SQL Browser column truncation. [MC-2106]

  • Fixed false-positive HealthCheck warnings during the cluster restart. [MC-1902]

  • MC no longer allows running WAN Sync check if Merkle tree is not enabled on the publisher. [MC-2145]

  • MC no longer overrides WAN replication configuration parameters with the default values. [MC-1461]

  • Removed inaccurate information related to the user creation in the logs. [MC-1766]

  • Fixed various scripting related issues including the saved scripts not being executed. [MC-1543][MC-1530]