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Triggering a Partial-Start

You can trigger a partial-start to allow a cluster with persistence enabled to restart even if some members are missing after a cluster-wide restart.

Partial-Start is a procedure where a cluster starts without all members. Data belonging to those missing members is assumed lost and Hazelcast tries to recover missing data, using the restored backups. For example, if you have a minimum of two backups configured for all maps, then having at most two missing members will be safe against data loss. If more than two members are missing or maps have fewer than two backups, then data loss is expected.

Before you Begin

To trigger a partial start, your cluster must be configured with one of the following data recovery policies:



Go to Administration > Persistence and check the Cluster Status field. Only trigger a partial-start if the cluster status is In_Progress, which means your cluster is missing a member.

To learn more about persistence in Hazelcast and what happens after a cluster-wide restart, see What Happens When the Whole Cluster Restarts in the Platform documentation.

This page is available only to admin users.

Trigger a Partial-Start

  1. Go to Administration > Persistence, and click Partial-Start.

  2. Confirm that you want to continue by clicking Confirm in the dialog.

If everything goes well, a success message is displayed.

If an exception occurs, an error notification is displayed.