Download Archives

As a prerequisite, make sure you have Java installed on your system. If you’re using JDK 11 or later, see Running in Modular Java. For the list of supported Java versions, see Supported Java Virtual Machines.

You can download and install Hazelcast IMDG yourself. You only need to:

  • download the package or hazelcast-4.2.tar.gz from

  • extract the downloaded or hazelcast-4.2.tar.gz

  • and add the file hazelcast-4.2.jar to your classpath.

When you download and extract the Hazelcast ZIP or TAR.GZ package, you will see the start/ (for Linux) and start/stop.bat (for Windows) scripts under the /bin folder. These scripts start/stop a Hazelcast member. See the Quick Start chapter to see the start scripts in action.

There are also some other scripts in the download archive whose usage descriptions are given in their related sections including the Using the Script, CP Subsystem Management APIs section and Using the Script sections. You can also check the full list of scripts in the readme.html of your download archive.