Hazelcast IMDG Standard Support has expired. Extended support for version 4.1 ends in April 2024. Extended support for version 4.2 ends in September 2024.

We recommend that you try Hazelcast Platform.

In Hazelcast Platform, we’ve combined the in-memory storage of IMDG with the stream processing power of Jet. Find out more in our Platform documentation.

The following topics are a good place to start:

Discovering Members by Auto Detection

Auto Detection is a good way to start playing with Hazelcast. It tries to automatically detect the appropriate discovery plugin and apply it to your Hazelcast configuration. Assuming you have hazelcast-all on your classpath and your runtime is Kubernetes, Hazelcast automatically applies the Kubernetes discovery mechanism.

Below is a table with minimal requirements for each environment.

Table 1. Environment Requirements




AWS EC2 requires the following points:

  • Security Group with the port 5701 open

  • IAM role with the ec2:DescribeInstances permission attached to the EC2 Instance


Azure requires having Azure managed identity with the READ role attached to your Azure Virtual Machine.


GCP requires having Cloud API (at minimum Read Only to Compute Engine API) access attached to your VM Instance.


Kubernetes requires applying the RBAC permissions.