Hazelcast IMDG Standard Support has expired. Extended support for version 4.1 ends in April 2024. Extended support for version 4.2 ends in September 2024.

We recommend that you try Hazelcast Platform.

In Hazelcast Platform, we’ve combined the in-memory storage of IMDG with the stream processing power of Jet. Find out more in our Platform documentation.

The following topics are a good place to start:

Installing and Upgrading

This chapter provides pre- and post-installation details, and deployment options of Hazelcast IMDG.

Hazelcast IMDG provides a number of options on how to install it. Here’s a brief overview of them:

  • CLI: Fastest way of getting Hazelcast IMDG running (in the client/server mode). Currently not suitable for production usage, but rather for development purposes.

  • Maven: Easiest way for Maven users (typically Java developers), especially appropriate for the embedded mode when Hazelcast IMDG is tightly coupled with the application.

  • Docker: One line Docker based setup.

  • Download Archives: Provides the most flexibility and all the tooling, but takes a little longer time.

A separate section is dedicated for deployments into cloud, which includes the following: