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Connecting to the Clusters

After you start and/or configure the Management Center service as explained in the Starting the Management Center Service and Configuring the Management Center chapters, make sure that http://localhost:8080 is up.

To connect the Management Center to your clusters, you have two options to be performed in Management Center:

  1. You can provide the IP addresses or hostnames of one or more IMDG and Jet members.

  2. Or, you can upload a configuration file in XML or YAML format. Management Center starts a client for each of IMDG and Jet clusters. This configuration file is for that Management Center client. See here for details on this configuration file. You can think of Management Center as a client connecting to the Hazelcast IMDG and Jet clusters.

If you enabled TLS/SSL on a Hazelcast cluster, then you need to perform the 2. step listed above, i.e., upload a configuration file. This configuration file needs to contain the parameters same as the ones you provide in the case when a client connects to a TLS/SSL enabled Hazelcast cluster. See here for details on TLS/SSL configurations.

When connecting to multiple clusters from the same Management Center, please ensure that the cluster names are unique. Management Center does not support simultaneous connections to more than one cluster with the same cluster name.
If the cluster uses Advanced Network, then the provided member address should be the client address of the member.

Configuring Security on the Members

This section applies only to IMDG 4.2 and newer. If you use an older version, you can skip this configuration step.

If security is enabled in the member configurations, then the management-permission should be granted for the Management Center client. Also, in this case the client should authenticate itself, which means you need to set up the connection by uploading a configuration XMl (or YAML): see here.

An example member configuration is shown below:

<hazelcast xmlns="http://www.hazelcast.com/schema/config">
    <security enabled="true">
            <realm name="client-realm">
        <client-authentication realm="client-realm" />
            <management-permission principal="mcadmin" />

An example client configuration is shown below:

<hazelcast-client xmlns="http://www.hazelcast.com/schema/client-config"

        <username-password username="mcadmin" password="mypassword"/>