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High Availability Setup

Multiple Management Center instances can connect to the same cluster to ensure availability and eliminate a single point of failure for management and monitoring purposes.

Multiple Management Center instances are independent of each other and don’t form a cluster of Management Center instances.

This has the following implications:

  1. It’s up to you to maintain consistent configurations on all Management Center instances. Only Client Filtering configuration is synchronized among Management Center instances.

  2. Inconsistencies in the reported metrics are possible, for instance if one of the instances goes down for some time.

  3. HTTP sessions are not shared between Management Center instances. Load balancing options are limited to:

    • sticky session;

    • round-robin with Basic Auth;

Client Filtering Synchronization

Client filtering configuration for a cluster is synchronized among all Management Center instances connected to the cluster. The synchronization happens on the deploy action (Deploy Changes button). It is in line with the general client filtering modifications, where lists modification and deploy are separate actions.

The "deploy" action on a Management Center instance overrides the client filtering configuration including the not yet deployed changes for this cluster on another instance and vice versa.

When Management Center connects to a cluster that already has some client filtering configuration deployed, then Management Center saves the client filtering configuration from the cluster to the local persistent storage. The previous configuration stored in Management Center is overwritten.'

When another Management Center instance deploys a new client filtering configuration, then a message "Client filtering configuration was updated by another Management Center instance" is displayed and blocks "Client Filter Settings" and "Client Filter Lists" are automatically refreshed.

Client Filtering Updated