5.3.2 Release Notes


  • Updated the Janino dependency version to 3.1.10. #25094


  • Fixed an issue where not all the events were replicated over WAN when one of the target endpoints is down. #6249

  • Renamed the service port for Hazelcast clusters deployed in Kubernetes environments as hazelcast. Previously, the name was hazelcast-service-port causing the member auto-discovery (for embedded deployments) to fail. #25228

  • Fixed an issue where the getDistributedObjects() was returning inconsistent results when multiple members are simultaneously joining to the cluster. #25153

  • Fixed an issue where the Hot Restart procedure was failing on Hazelcast Viridian, when the cluster is in the FROZEN state. #25081

  • Fixed an issue where the retry mechanism for the communications between CP leader and followers was generating too many retries, due to incorrect backoff timeout reset behavior. #25074