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Test Source Connectors

Installing the Connector

This connector is included in the full and slim distributions of Hazelcast.

Test Batch Source

The items source offers a simple batch source where the supplied list of items are output:

Pipeline p = Pipeline.create();
p.readFrom(TestSources.items(1, 2, 3, 4))

This pipeline will emit the following items, and then the job will terminate:

12:33:01.780 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] 1
12:33:01.780 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] 2
12:33:01.780 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] 3
12:33:01.780 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] 4

Test Streaming Source

The test streaming source emits an infinite stream of `SimpleEvent`s at the requested rate (in this case, 10 items per second):


After submitting this job, you can expect infinite output like:

12:33:36.774 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] SimpleEvent(timestamp=12:33:36.700, sequence=0)
12:33:36.877 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] SimpleEvent(timestamp=12:33:36.800, sequence=1)
12:33:36.976 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] SimpleEvent(timestamp=12:33:36.900, sequence=2)
12:33:37.074 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] SimpleEvent(timestamp=12:33:37.000, sequence=3)
12:33:37.175 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] SimpleEvent(timestamp=12:33:37.100, sequence=4)
12:33:37.274 [ INFO] [c.h.j.i.c.W.loggerSink#0] SimpleEvent(timestamp=12:33:37.200, sequence=5)

Each SimpleEvent has a sequence which is monotonically increased and also a timestamp which is derived from System.currentTimeMillis(). For more information using these sources in a testing environment, refer to the Testing section.