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Triggering a Force-Start

You can trigger a force-start to force a cluster with persistence enabled to restart and delete its persistence store when one or more members are missing after a cluster-wide restart.

A cluster whose recovery policy is set to FULL_RECOVERY_ONLY can recover after a cluster-wide restart only if all members restart with a valid partition table.

If a member is missing after a cluster-wide restart or if the member’s partition table is invalid, the cluster cannot restart unless all members first delete their persistence stores.

A force-start deletes the persistence stores of all members in the cluster and then restarts the cluster.

Before you Begin

Go to Administration > Persistence and check the Cluster Status field. Only trigger a force-start if the cluster status is In_Progress, which means your cluster is missing a member.

To learn more about persistence in Hazelcast and what happens after a cluster-wide restart, see What Happens When the Whole Cluster Restarts in the Platform documentation.

This page is available only to admin users.

Trigger a Force-Start

  1. Go to Administration > Persistence, and click Force Start.

  2. Confirm that you want to continue by clicking Confirm in the dialog.

If everything goes well, a success message is displayed.

If an exception occurs, an error notification is displayed.