5.1.1 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.0 and 5.1.1 of Hazelcast Management Center (MC).

New Features

  • SQL Browser has a new design which shows queryable objects with a schema and index explorer. [MC-1231] [MC-1292] [MC-1235]

  • SQL Browser now handles streaming SQL queries and shows the last 1,000 entries as they are received. [MC-1293]

  • New CP Subsystem metrics screens added to MC. [MC-533]

  • Dynamic Configuration allows for additions to be made to the cluster config via MC. [MC-1268]

  • System properties and environment variables can now be used interchangeably. [MC-1107]


  • Security: Console access can be enabled or disabled in the members' config. This defaults to disabled (breaking change). See Managing Console Support in the Platform documentation. [MC-1121]

  • Security: Data access via the SQL Browser and Map Browser can be disabled in the members' configuration. [MC-1039]

  • Standardization of naming of start scripts. hz-mc should be used and hz-mc conf for any MC offline configuration. [MC-1087]

  • Introduced the mc-hz conf cluster list command to list all configured cluster names. [MC-1091]

  • SQL Browser provides instructions if hazelcast-sql has not been included in the classpath. [MC-871]

  • SQL Browser has improved messages when mappings cannot be automatically generated. [MC-1160]

  • SQL Browser when creating a mapping, the mapping name now defaults to the map’s name. [MC-1288]

  • SQL Browser the returned results for each field is capped to 1024 characters to prevent large fields from slowing down MC. [MC-1203]

  • MC now quickly identifies whether the cluster has SQL/Streaming enabled or not. [MC-992]

  • Config healthcheck can be customised to ignore specific problems via the Ignore button. [MC-541]

  • Updated Config Heatcheck to allow different config for some security parts. [ [MC-925]

  • Added a button to clear all map entries. [MC-1176]

  • Queues age-related queue metrics can now be reset. [MC-1109]

  • Improved tables with auto widths based on the content. [MC-1073]

  • Improved support for large clusters with lots of metrics. [MC-1242]

  • Persistence of metrics can be disabled via hazelcast.mc.metrics.persistence.enabled property [MC-1225]

  • Duration column has been added to the Completed Jobs table [MC-151]

  • Near Cache stats now includes invalidations and invalidationRequest metrics. [MC-340]

  • MC own connection(s) to the cluster are now excluded from the client count. [MC-1162]

  • MC’s operation timeout with the cluster can now be configured so that long-running operations (like script executions) do not timeout. [MC-1285]

  • Shutdown member and Shutdown cluster now behave identically for single-node clusters. [MC-514]

  • Changed the button from Connect to Add on the Cluster Connections screen. [MC-808]

  • Pendo.io is used to collect usage analytics and performance of Management Center (Pendo can be disabled by disabling MC phone homes) [MC-1299]

  • Java 17 is now supported. [MC-1120]


  • Helpful error if running on an architecture that is not supported by RocksDB. [MC-1208]

  • MC will fail fast if it does not have write access to its data directory. [MC-206]

  • Map configs without actual IMap are not shown in SQL Browser dropdown. [MC-1122]

  • Config healthcheck: fixed a false alarm that could be generated for the default map. [MC-700]

  • Clients detail page: display a human-readable text for the corresponding client language.[MC-804]

  • Empty lib directory has been added to support usercode deployment. [MC-1107]

  • The left menu section that was previously opened is now remembered. [MC-1111]

  • Button added to Security Provide configs to clear current value in the field. [MC-201]

  • Fixed a TTL setting in metrics storage. [MC-150]

  • Fixed an incorrect avgEventLatency on WAN Replication screen. [MC-1151]

  • WAN Sync menu dropdowns have been expanded to match the length of the Map names. [MC-1139]

  • Fixed the tooltips shown in the WAN Replication screens so they do not overlap. [MC-1153]

  • Fix for displaying a large number of maps in the WAN Sync screen. [MC-1185]

  • Fix for the maps counter in the left menu to say the total maps count includes system maps. [MC-1207]

  • Fix for the Map Browser TTL value to show time remaining rather than an expiray date. [MC-1366]

  • Maximize chart icon is no longer shown after clicking on it. [MC-1141]

Breaking Changes

Console access is now disabled by default in the members' configuration. If you use the console in Management Center, console access needs to be enabled. See Managing Console Support in the Platform documentation.


  • Management Center 5.1 does not support Jet 4.5. It only supports IMDG 4.2, Hazelcast Platform 5.0 and later.

  • Management Center 5.1 supports SQL Browsing on Hazelcast Platform 5.0 and later. Platform 5.1 is highly recommended for SQL/Streaming support.

  • You should avoid updating the Client Filtering configuration during rolling upgrades if multiple Management Center instances are connected to the same cluster to keep the configuration consistent.