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Upgrading to Management Center 5.1.x

Changes in 5.1.x

  • The mc-conf.sh command was renamed to hz-mc conf

  • The start.sh was deprecated and is superseded by the hz-mc start command

  • The supported way for starting up a standalone Management Center instance was changed from java -jar …​ command to hz-mc start

  • The Console within Management Center is disabled by default and has to be enabled within the member’s configuration. See Executing Console Commands

Changes in 3.12.x

  • Default home directory location has been changed from <user-home>/hazelcast-mancenter-<version> to <user-home>/hazelcast-mc.

  • Parameter to change home directory location has been changed from hazelcast.mancenter.home to hazelcast.mc.home.

  • The UpdateLdapPassword utility (available via updateLdapPassword.sh or updateLdapPassword.bat scripts) has been merged into the MC Conf tool (available via the hz-mc conf or mc-conf.bat scripts).

Changes in 3.10.x

  • Hazelcast Management Center’s default URL has been changed from localhost:8080/mancenter to localhost:8080/hazelcast-mancenter.

  • Default home directory location has been changed from <user-home>/mancenter-<version> to <user-home>/hazelcast-mancenter-<version>.

  • Name of the WAR file has been changed from mancenter-{version}.war to hazelcast-mancenter-{version}.war.

Changes in 3.8.x

Starting with Management Center 3.8.4, you can use the following system properties for Clustered JMX via Management Center:

  • -Dhazelcast.mc.jmx.rmi.port=9001

  • -Dhazelcast.mc.jmx.host=localhost