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Prometheus Exporter

Hazelcast Management Center can expose the metrics collected from cluster members to Prometheus. This feature can be turned on by setting the hazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled system property to true.

Prometheus can be configured to scrape Management Center in prometheus.yml as follows:

  - job_name: 'HZ MC'
    # scheme defaults to 'http'.
    - targets: ['localhost:8080'] # replace this address with the network address of Hazelcast Management Center

After starting Prometheus with this configuration, all metrics will be exported to Prometheus with the hz_ prefix. The metrics are also available via the member JMX API. With the default configuration, Management Center exports all metrics reported by the cluster members. Since it can be overly verbose for some usecases, the metrics can be filtered with the hazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.included or the hazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.excluded system properties, both being comma-separated lists of metric names.

Example of starting Management Center with specifying the metrics exported to Prometheus:

java -jar -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled=true \
  -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.included=hz_topic_totalReceivedMessages,hz_map_totalPutLatency \
  -jar hazelcast-management-center-4.2020.12.jar

Example of starting Management Center with specifying the metrics to be excluded from the Prometheus export:

java -jar -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.enabled=true \
  -Dhazelcast.mc.prometheusExporter.filter.metrics.excluded=hz_os_systemLoadAverage,hz_memory_freeHeap \
  -jar hazelcast-management-center-4.2020.12.jar
Prometheus connects via the same IP and port as the Management Center web interface.
If you want to visualize the Prometheus metrics using Grafana, then you can start with this dashboard.