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Config Properties SPI

The Config Properties SPI is an easy way that you can configure SPI plugins using a prebuilt system of automatic conversion and validation.

Config Properties SPI Classes

The Config Properties SPI consists of a small set of classes and provided implementations.

PropertyDefinition: Define a Single Property

The com.hazelcast.config.properties.PropertyDefinition interface defines a single property inside a given configuration. It consists of a key string and type (in form of a com.hazelcast.core.TypeConverter).

You can mark properties as optional and you can have an additional validation step to make sure the provided value matches certain rules (like port numbers must be between 0-65535 or similar).

SimplePropertyDefinition: Basic PropertyDefinition

For convenience, the com.hazelcast.config.properties.SimplePropertyDefinition class is provided. This class is a basic implementation of the PropertyDefinition interface and should be enough for most situations. In case of additional needs, you are free to provide your own implementation of the PropertyDefinition interface.

PropertyTypeConverter: Set of TypeConverters

The com.hazelcast.config.properties.PropertyTypeConverter enum provides a preset of TypeConverters as listed below:

  • String

  • Short

  • Integer

  • Long

  • Float

  • Double

  • Boolean

ValueValidator and ValidationException

The com.hazelcast.config.properties.ValueValidator interface implements additional value validation. The configured value will be validated before it is returned to the requester. If validation fails, a com.hazelcast.config.properties.ValidationException is thrown and the requester has to handle it or throw the exception further.

Config Properties SPI Example

This sub-section shows a quick example of how to setup, configure and use the Config Properties SPI.

Defining a Config PropertyDefinition

Defining a property is as easy as giving it a name and a type.

PropertyDefinition property = new SimplePropertyDefinition(
    "my-key", PropertyTypeConverter.STRING

We defined a property named my-key with a type of a string. If none of the predefined TypeConverters matches the need, users are free to provide their own implementation.

Providing a value in XML

The above property is now configurable in two ways:

<!-- option 1 -->

<!-- option 2 -->
<property name="my-key">value</property>
In any case, both options are useable interchangeably, however the later version is recommended by Hazelcast for schema applicability.

Retrieving a PropertyDefinition Value

To eventually retrieve a value, use the PropertyDefinition to get and convert the value automatically.

public <T> T getConfig( PropertyDefinition property,
                        Map<String, Comparable> properties ) {

  Map<String, Comparable> properties = ...;
  TypeConverter typeConverter = property.typeConverter();

  Comparable value = properties.get( property.key() );
  return typeConverter.convert( value );