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Migrate from User Code Deployment

User Code Namespaces improves and extends the capabilities of User Code Deployment and is applicable to more use cases. Hazelcast recommends that Enterprise Edition users deprecate their User Code Deployment implementations and migrate to using User Code Namespaces.

User Code Deployment has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major version. To continue deploying your user code after this time, Open Source users can either upgrade to Enterprise Edition, or add their resources to the Hazelcast member class paths. Hazelcast recommends that Enterprise users migrate their user code to use User Code Namespaces. For further information on migrating from User Code Deployment to User Code Namespaces, see the Migrate from User Code Deployment topic.

To migrate your existing User Code Deployment, enable User Code Namespaces and complete the configuration as described in the Enable User Code Namespaces topic.