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Adding custom JAR files to the Platform/Management Center Classpath

We strongly recommend that you use Hazelcast Platform Operator’s User Code Deployment feature if you need to add a custom JAR to your Hazelcast members.

If you want to add custom JAR files to the Platform and/or Management Center, you can extend the relevant base image and provide your configuration file and/or custom JARs. To do this, you must create a new Dockerfile and build it using the docker build command.

In the Dockerfile example below, we create a new image based on the Hazelcast image and add a custom JAR from our host to the container, which will be used with Hazelcast when the container runs.

FROM hazelcast/hazelcast:$HAZELCAST_VERSION

# Adding custom JARs to the classpath
ADD custom-library.jar ${HZ_HOME}

Build and push the image to your own Docker registry.

docker build -t example/hazelcast .
docker push example/hazelcast

You can configure your Helm chart to use the custom image you have built in your values.yaml.

  # repository is the Hazelcast image name
  repository: example/hazelcast