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5.3.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Support for Hazelcast Cloud. The following commands were added:

    • viridian login

    • viridian create-cluster

    • viridian delete-cluster

    • viridian get-cluster

    • viridian list-clusters

    • viridian list-cluster-types

    • viridian pause-cluster

    • viridian resume-cluster

    • viridian download-logs

    • viridian import-config

    • viridian delete-custom-class

    • viridian download-custom-class

    • viridian list-custom-classes

    • viridian upload-custom-class

  • Hazelcast CLC can now submit Jet jobs and manage job snapshots.

  • Added the following job commands:

    • submit: Creates a job from the given jar file.

    • cancel: Cancels a job.

    • list: Lists jobs.

    • suspend: Suspends a job.

    • resume: Resumes a suspended job.

    • restart: Restarts a job.

    • export-snapshot: Exports a snapshot for a job. This feature requires a Cloud or Hazelcast Enterprise cluster.

  • Added the following snapshot commands:

    • list: Lists the snapshots of a job.

    • delete: Deletes a snapshot.

  • Added the following new Map commands:

    • map key-set

    • map destroy


  • Cloud errors are revamped to be more user-friendly.

  • Multiline columns are supported in table output.