Configuration for Hazelcast CLC

Hazelcast CLC allows you to configure settings for cluster connection credentials, using a configuration file. Some of those settings may be overriden using global command-line parameters.

CLC has a simple YAML configuration, usually named config.yaml. This file can exist anywhere in the file system, and can be used with the --config (or -c) flag:

clc -c test/config.yaml

configs directory in $CLC_HOME is special, it contains all the configurations known to CLC. You can use the clc home command in order to see where $CLC_HOME is:

clc home

Known configurations can be directly specified by their names, instead of the full path. clc config list command lists the configurations known to CLC:

# List configurations
$ clc config list
 Configuration Name

# Start CLC shell with configuration named pr-3066
$ clc -c pr-3066
  1. If no configuration is specified, but a single configuration exists, that configuration is used.

  2. If there are more than one configuration exists, and the default configuration exists, the default configuration is used.

  3. Otherwise CLC displays a selector to choose the cluster. The name of the default configuration may be overriden using the CLC_CONFIG environment variable.