5.3.4 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added the serializer generate command that creates Java Compact Serialization classess from the given schema.

  • Added an update checker which displays a notification in the interactive mode. You can disable it by setting the CLC_SKIP_SERVER_VERSION_CHECK to 1.

  • In order to make an informed decision about CLC improvements and features, we started to collect non-identifiable telemetry. You can disable this by setting HZ_PHONE_HOME_ENABLED environment variable to false. You can find more information in the documentation.

  • CLC can now be installed using an install script on Linux and macOS systems. Just run curl https://hazelcast.com/clc/install.sh | bash.


  • Improved configuration selector.

  • If there’s a single configuration, do not display the configuration selector and use that configuration automatically.

  • Updated job submit command to deduce the job ID.


  • Confirmation is required from the user when demo generate-data command runs.


  • CLC interactive prompt doesn’t change after config wizard.

  • Readline panic in the interactive mode if terminal width cannot be determined and left arrow is pressed.

  • Map proxy is created when a map command is used.

  • "connecting to cluster" prompt is not shown when object list command runs.

  • Fixed list add command.