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5.3.5 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added the Advanced Scripting as a BETA future. Advanced Scripting enables writing the scripts in a Python-like language. The following commands are available with this release: Advanced Script. Check out the scripts directory for example scripts.

  • CLC now supports loading the shell.clc script on startup in the interactive mode. shell.clc must be in $CLC_HOME. You can find the $CLC_HGME using clc home command.

  • Added the ability to define "aliases" in the interactive or script modes. An alias, like the shell aliases, enable you to create shortcuts for your CLC commands. For example: \alias maps — \\object list map creates an alias to list Maps in the cluster. In order to make the aliases permanent, you can put them in the shell.clc file. Check out the Alias documentation.

  • Added the map entry-view command. Check out the entry-view documentation,


  • Improved configuration selector.

  • If there’s a single configuration, do not display the configuration selector and use that configuration automatically.

  • Updated job submit command to deduce the job ID.

  • clc template list can show all repositories in an organization.

  • Added the --source flag to clc project create and clc template list commands. This flag enables using templates outside of the hazelcast-templates organiation.

  • Added clc_home placeholder to Project Creator templates.

  • Added repeat and each actions to the Project Creator templates.

  • Compact Serializer does not overwrite generated files and displays a prompt. Use the --yes flag to aloways overwrite generated fiels.

  • Compact Serializer does not produce code that dependes on the Notnull annotation.

  • Compact Serializer respects the namespace field when generating the path. The final path is derived from the value of --output-dir flag and the namespace.


  • Table format is the default format for all commands except version and home. In order to use the delimited mode, you can append -f delimited flag to your command line.

  • Moved clc project list-templates command to clc template list. The behaviour of the command didn’t change.

  • Compact serializer creates only the serializer classes.

  • We’ve changed our logging implementation, so CLC logs appear slighlty different. You can find your log directory using clc home logs.


  • Fixed Project Creator template update.

  • Fixed copying hidden directories with the .keep suffix in the Project Creator.

  • Fixed Compect Serializer generated files should not have their execute bits set.