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5.3.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added the demo generate-data command that creates data from a Wikipedia event stream.

  • Added the demo map-setmany command that generates multiple Map entries.

  • Added the project list-templates command that lists templates that can be used with the project create command.

  • Added the \di shortcut that lists all or some indexes. This command is available only in the interactive mode.

  • Added --prelease and --development flags to viridian create-cluster command.


  • The Viridian "CLI" bundle is used with config import and viridian import-config commands. The configuration bundle includes certificates for all supported Hazelcast client libraries.

  • CLC configuration is saved as both config.yaml and config.json when config import, viridian import-config or config add commands are used.

  • An installation script may be used to install CLC on Linux and macOS.

  • Configuration menu is displayed in the non-interactive mode when the default configuration doesn’t exist.

  • snapshot list command provides more information.

  • Configuration name is used in the CLC interactive prompt.

  • "Invalid number of arguments" error is improved to display which positional arguments are missing.

  • project create command updates the corresponding template if necessary when run.

  • Updated command output.


  • Full stack trace is shown on job submit errors.

  • #288 Fix streaming timeout.