Management Center Persistence

Management Center collect and report metrics data for the connected Hazelcast Clusters. Metrics data includes various number of time series, such as CPU load, memory consumption, and operation counters. See the Metrics section for details about configuring metrics collection.

By default, Management Center persists the collected metrics to a persistent volume. You can turn it off by disabling persistence.

Configuring Management Center Persistence

Configuration for Management Center persistence.

Field Description


When true, Management Center will use a PersistentVolumeClaim to store data.


Size of the created PersistentVolumeClaim.


Name of the PersistentVolumeClaim MC will use for persistence. If not empty, MC will use the existing claim instead of creating a new one.


StorageClass from which PersistentVolumeClaim will be created.

StatefulSet does not support updates to volumeClaimTemplates field, so persistence field should be set only at the creation of the custom resource. Any update to the persistence field will not affect the Management Center.
By default, Management Center data is persisted to the /data directory. If you want to use an existing PersistentVolumeClaim, set its name in the .spec.persistence.existingVolumeClaimName field in the Management Center custom resource.

Example Configuration

The example configuration does the following:

  • Assigns Kubernetes Persistent Volume with size of 10Gi

Example Management Center with Persistence Configuration
kind: ManagementCenter
  name: managementcenter
  repository: "hazelcast/management-center"
  licenseKeySecretName: hazelcast-license-key
    - address: hazelcast
      name: dev
    enabled: true
    size: 10Gi