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Integrating with AppDynamics

Use the Clustered JMX interface to integrate the Hazelcast Management Center with AppDynamics. To perform this integration, attach the AppDynamics Java agent to the Management Center.

For agent installation, see the Install the App Agent for Java page.

For monitoring on AppDynamics, see the Using AppDynamics for JMX Monitoring page.

After installing AppDynamics agent, you can start the Management Center as shown below:

java -javaagent:/path/to/javaagent.jar \
     -Dhazelcast.mc.jmx.enabled=true \
     -Dhazelcast.mc.jmx.port=9999 -jar hazelcast-management-center-4.2021.03.jar

When the Management Center starts, you should see the logs below:

Started AppDynamics Java Agent Successfully.
Hazelcast Management Center starting on port 8080 at path : /