Hazelcast IMDG Standard Support has expired. Extended support for version 4.1 ends in April 2024. Extended support for version 4.2 ends in September 2024.

We recommend that you try Hazelcast Platform.

In Hazelcast Platform, we’ve combined the in-memory storage of IMDG with the stream processing power of Jet. Find out more in our Platform documentation.

The following topics are a good place to start:

Enabling JAAS Security

With Hazelcast’s extensible, JAAS based security feature, you can:

  • authenticate both cluster members and clients

  • and perform access control checks on client operations. Access control can be done according to endpoint principal and/or endpoint address.

You can enable security declaratively or programmatically, as shown below.

  • XML

  • YAML

  • Java

    <security enabled="true">
    enabled: true
        Config cfg = new Config();
        SecurityConfig securityCfg = cfg.getSecurityConfig();
        securityCfg.setEnabled( true );

Also, see the Setting License Key section for information on how to set your Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise license.