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clc script

Runs the script in the given local or HTTP location.

The script can contain:

  1. SQL statements,

  2. CLC commands prefixed with backslash,

  3. Comments starting with — (double dash).

The script should have either .clc or .sql extension. Files with one of these two extensions are interpreted equivalently.


clc script [path/location] [flags]


Parameter Required Description Default



Print the executed command




Ignore errors during script execution


Global parameters
Parameter Description Default

--config, -c

Path to the configuration file in YAML format.

The following locations are tried in order for the existence of config.yaml

  1. Current working directory

  2. The parent directory of the clc executable

  3. $CLC_HOME/default directory

--format, -f

Set the output format

  • csv

  • delimited: By tab characters

  • json

  • table

  • Interactive mode: table

  • Non-interactive mode: delimited


Set the log level, one of:

  • debug

  • info

  • warning

  • error



Set the log path. Use stderr to log to the screen (stderr).

$CLC_HOME/logs/YYYY-MM-DD.log where YYYY-MM-DD is today’s date.

--quiet, -q

Prevent displaying unnecessary output.



Enable output with more information.



Timeout for operation to complete.

The duration is a string in the form of AMOUNTunit where AMOUNT is an integer, and unit is one of the following:

  • ms: milliseconds

  • s: seconds

  • m: minutes

  • h: hours

Underscore (_) character is ignored in the AMOUNT. unit is optional and defaults to s if not specified.

The following are a few of the valid DURATIONs:

  • 5: 5 seconds

  • 5s: 5 seconds

  • 10000ms: 10000 milliseconds

  • 10_000_000ms: 10000000 milliseconds

This is a client-side timeout, the operation you started maybe in progress on the server-side even if the given timeout is exceeded.