Use Cases

Caching/Data Layer for Cloud Based Microservices

You can use Hazelcast Cloud as a low-latency high-performance caching or data layer for your microservices. With its lightweight nature, Hazelcast has been always a strong option for microservices. With the introduction of Hazelcast Cloud, your in-memory data management/caching solution will be ready in minutes, without needing to deal with its maintenance. Hazelcast Cloud supports major languages, serving your applications in Java, Node.js, Python. Go, .NET and C++.

Using Hazelcast to cache an application’s data

State Management for Serverless Functions (AWS Lambda)

Hazelcast Cloud is a perfect solution if you need to keep or access data and state inside your serverless function. We offer:

  • low latency data access

  • cloud based solution

  • ease of set up and use

  • zero maintenance burden

  • Node.js and Python support.

Using Hazelcast to manage the state of serverless function

Enterprise Applications

Hazelcast Cloud enables you to lift and shift your applications to the cloud without any coding changes. Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise uses the latest Hazelcast Enterprise version, so all enterprise features are available for your cloud deployments. Due to the simplicity of adding advanced features such as mutual authentication with TLS, persistence and off-heap storage, you can take advantage of these without the need for code changes.