Plans and Pricing

Hazelcast offers a free pricing plan as well as two paid plans that allow you to configure the amount of resources each cluster has, depending on your budget.

Hazelcast Cloud Plans

Hazelcast Cloud has three plans.

Plan Cost Additional costs





$0.10 per hour per GB



Depends on the size of the chosen cloud instance

How the Cost is Calculated

Cost is calculated based on your provisioned memory. If you create a cluster with 10 GB capacity but do not insert any entries into it, your cost will still be calculated according to 10 GB because this amount of memory was reserved for your use.

Shared vs Dedicated

On the Your Clusters page, clusters are categorized as either dedicated or shared.

Shared clusters are those on the Standard or Basic plans. These clusters are called shared because they share cloud instances, but they are isolated in different Kubernetes deployments.

Dedicated clusters are those on the Enterprise plan because they have their own dedicated cloud instances, and different clusters never share the same instance.

Example Charges for Standard Clusters

This example shows the cost per month of three clusters that each have a different memory capacity and uptime:

Cluster Memory Total uptime per month Cost


10 GB

10 hours

10 X 10 X $0.10 = $10.00


1 GB

100 hours

1 X 100 X $0.10 = $10.00


3 GB

50 hours

3 X 50 X $0.10 = $15.00

In this scenario, the total cost for the month for all three clusters will be: $10.00 + $10.00 + $15.00 = $35.00

Additional Charges for Enterprise Plans

Clusters on the Enterprise plan incur additional charges for data transfer costs and any snapshot storage costs.

Data Transfer Pricing

Data transfer costs account for the volume of data going into, out of, and within your clusters.

Your data transfer charges are aggregated over the month and added to your monthly bill.

Snapshot Storage Pricing

If you enable backup snapshots on a cluster, we store those snapshots in cloud storage, which comes with additional costs.

Snapshot storage costs depend on the cloud providers cost of storing the backup snapshots in their object store such as S3 on AWS.

Custom Plans

Hazelcast offers custom pricing plans. To discuss a custom plan, contact us at

Next Steps

Track your usage and current billing total by managing your billing and payment information.

You can track your month to date cost in the Billing & Payments page of Account top menu.

Billing and Payments page of Hazelcast Cloud