Stopping and Resuming Clusters

You can stop and resume any cluster that has persistence enabled. Stopping a cluster saves your cluster’s configuration and stops charges accumulating.

Before you Begin

Your cluster must be on the Standard or Enterprise plan to use this feature.

To stop clusters in a team, you must have either an admin or developer role. See Managing Teams and Users.

Stopping a Cluster

Stopping your cluster can help minimize your costs during development because you are only charged for running clusters.

To stop a cluster, go to Manage Cluster and click Stop.

Stop or delete the cluster

When you stop a cluster, Hazelcast Cloud saves your configuration so that you can resume the cluster at a later time.

Resuming a Cluster

When you resume a cluster, Hazelcast restarts it with the same configuration as before it was stopped. Persisted data is also restored from disk.

To resume a cluster after stopping it, go to Manage Cluster and click Resume.