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CP Subsystem

You can use the CP Subsystem tab of the Administration menu item to manage and monitor the CP subsystem in a cluster.


Table 1. CP subsystem fields
Field Description

CP Members

The number of accessible CP members and the CP member count that’s configured on the cluster.

Promote Member to CP

Promote a member in the cluster to a CP member. See Promoting Members to CP Members.

Remove CP Member

Remove a member from the CP subsystem. See Removing CP Members.

Restart CP Subsystem

Restart the CP subsystem. See Restarting CP Subsystem.

Status Banner

A banner is always displayed at the top of the page with a message about the current CP subsystem status. This banner may display one of the following messages:

  • CP Subsystem is not enabled: The cluster is not configured with a CP member count of at least 3.

  • All CP members are accessible: Number of accessible CP members is at least the same as the configured CP member count.

  • One CP member is not accessible: One CP member is missing and the minority count in the CP subsystem is greater than 1. For example, this value is shown when there are 6 accessible CP members and the configured count is 7. In this example, the minority count is 3 members and the majority count is 4 members.

  • Multiple CP members are not accessible: Multiple CP members are missing, but their count is less than the minority.

  • Minority of the CP members are not accessible: The minority of CP members are missing.

  • Majority of the CP members are not accessible: The majority of CP members are missing.

See the Hazelcast Platform documentation to find out more about CP Subsystem.