5.3-BETA-1 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.2 and 5.3-BETA-1 of Hazelcast Management Center (MC).

New Features

  • SQL Browser:

    • Added a connector wizard for JDBC connector. [MC-1705]

    • Multiple tabs in SQL Browser. [MC-1789]

  • Added Storage → Lists and Storage → Sets pages. [MC-1216]

  • Added Clustered REST API endpoints for WAN Replication. [MC-720]

  • Added Authentication token management page. [MC-924]

  • Introduced an auto-connection feature for which the Management Center in Dev mode connects to the default cluster on the local machine, in case there are no other cluster connections. [MC-1697]


  • SQL Browser:

    • The cursor now moves to the part of SQL command causing errors. [MC-1582]

    • SQL Editor content is now stored per cluster, instead of per MC instance. Previously, the SQL browser was showing the same Editor content when switching between clusters. [MC-1776]

  • Migrated Metrics storage from RocksDB to QuestDB. [MC-1736]

  • Added the Suspension Cause and Cancelled by User columns for the job listings. [MC-1790][MC-1791]

  • Added the cluster version information to be shown next to the cluster status. [MC-1711]

  • Added the licensed Tiered Storage amount information to the License page. [MC-1778]

  • Added the ability to sort the maps listing by the storage format. [MC-1785]

  • Added member version to Clustered REST API. [MC-1792]

  • Decreased number of notifications on cluster disconnection. [MC-1858]

  • Changed shutting down a member as an admin-only action. [MC-1887]

  • Made CP subsystem actions permissions more restrictive. [MC-1860]

  • Improved UI responsivity for the case of resizing browser windows. [MC-781]

  • A warning is shown now if IE11 is used as the browser, since it is not supported by MC. [MC-1871]

  • Numbers in the listings are now formatted according to locale. [MC-1880]

  • Changed Streaming label to Stream processing. [MC-1934]

  • Made CSRF error more readable. [MC-1261]

  • Added a fullscreen mode to all charts. [MC-1794]

  • Added a scrollbar to SQL Editor window. [MC-1916]


  • MC no longer throws an error when reconnected to a cluster with Persistence enabled. [MC-1177]

  • MC no longer fails on security reset when HealthCheck errors are suppressed. [MC-1928]

  • MC no longer sometimes misses first SQL result row. [MC-1963]

  • MC no longer blinks when switching between table presets. [MC-1748]

  • MC no longer floods with notification on cluster disconnection. [MC-1844]

  • MC no longer accepts a unisocket client config and then fails. [MC-1894]

  • Adjusted client count validation in HealthCheck. [MC-1853]

  • Fixed MC start scripts for Windows. [MC-1903]

  • Fixed disabled Rolling Upgrade button issue. [MC-1569]

  • Fixed Jobs page layout. [MC-1343]

  • Fixed Configure a license link. [MC-1870

  • Fixed Map Event Journal TTL units. [MC-1877]

  • Fixed Ctrl+C behavior in SQL Editor. [MC-1946]