5.2-BETA-1 Release Notes

These release notes list any new features, enhancements, and fixes that were made between version 5.1 and 5.2-BETA-1 of Hazelcast Management Center (MC).

New Features

  • SQL Browser: separate workflows for batch and streaming queries for 5.2 Hazelcast. [MC-1620]

  • SQL Browser: editor autocomplete support. [MC-1408]

  • SQL Browser: connector wizard for Kafka connector. [MC-1435]

  • SQL Browser: connector wizard for File connector. [MC-1435]

  • Introduced customizable tables, in terms of selected columns and order. [MC-1074]

  • Introduced cluster connection diagnosis functionality. [MC-1332]

  • Added Map Index statistics table. [MC-153]

  • Added a chart for Tiered Storage usage monitoring. [MC-1478]

  • Added support for Command Line Client (CLC). [MC-1548]


  • SQL Browser: get MapBrowser information for a record in SQL query result. [MC-1438]

  • SQL Browser: schema panel can be hidden/shown. [MC-1395]

  • SQL Browser: an explanation why suggested mapping can’t be provided. [MC-1448]

  • SQL Browser: increased speed of Schema tab population. [MC-1448]

  • Updated RocksDB version to support Apple M1. [MC-1291]

  • Increased log level for Jetty classes that log HTTP request information. [MC-1625]

  • Introduced a property to configure SQL export cell size limit. [MC-1609]

  • Improved logging for RocksDB filesystem permission errors. [MC-1432]

  • Improved Time Travel usability. [MC-1414]

  • Time Travel is now disabled when metrics persistence is disabled. [MC-1463]

  • Proper error message when Console is disabled on member. [MC-1434]

  • Removed excessive Spring framework warnings. []

  • MC no longer starts RocksDB for metrics persistence on unsupported operating systems (currently z/os). [MC-1486]

  • Added progress indicator for Cluster remove operation. [MC-1471]

  • TTL and Max Idle in Map Browser are shown as Unlimited if set to 0 or more than 1000 years. [MC-1392]


  • MC no longer fails when receiving malformed client stats. [MC-1639]

  • MC no longer fails when the node limit is exceeded. [MC-1397]

  • MC no longer throws OOME when it receives lots of Jet metrics. [MC-1532]

  • Fixed disabled Rolling Upgrade button issue. [MC-1569]

  • Fixed data recovery policy overlap on the Persistence page. [MC-1555]

  • Fixed MC error when AP member joins cluster with CP members. [MC-1502]

  • kbd:[Ctrl-C] now kills the MC container on Linux. [MC-1423]

  • Fixed Preview button behavior on the Update config page. [MC-1394]

  • Fixed an error when multiple persistent memory directories are configured. [MC-1379]