5.2.1 Release Notes


  • Enhanced the experience of using Hazelcast with persistence under Kubernetes by removing requirements for manual interventions. Previously, when there is a restart on such a cluster, the cluster states were needed to be changed manually. For some cases, this might have led to data loss. Now, the shutdown process is automated. See Configuring Kubernetes for details. #5382

  • Added the support of discovering ECS and EC2 members on AWS. See Deploying a Cluster on Amazon AWS. #22590


  • Fixed an issue where replication over WAN was failing on the source cluster members, when there are multiple batch publishers configured in a single WAN replication. #5376

  • Fixed an issue where the members were crashing while they are loading data into the NATIVE memory and using JSON or Kryo serialization. #5385

  • Fixed a memory leak due to incomplete clean-up of backup replica sync operations. #22756

  • Fixed an issue where a map was loading old values with map.set() when map store offloading is enabled. #22603

  • Fixed an issue where the map entries recovered from persistence were not expiring after their time-to-live durations. #22557

  • Fixed an issue where external data store configurations could not be added dynamically. #22464