Supported Java Virtual Machines

Hazelcast runs on Java, so it needs a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Hazelcast supports the latest and long-term support (LTS) versions of the Java Development Kit (JDK). However, the JVM in some JDKs may not be compatible with Hazelcast.

Hazelcast Platform 5.1.3 has been tested against the following JDKs.

If you install Hazelcast with Docker or a package manager, it comes with a supported JDK.
Table 1. Supported JDKs
JDK Versions


8 and 11

Amazon Corretto

8, 11 and 17

Azul Prime (formerly Zing)


Azul Core (formerly Zulu)

8, 11, and 17

IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition

8 (latest)


8, 11, and 17

Red Hat build of OpenJDK

8, 11, and 17

If you use version 11 or later of a JDK, see the following relevant sections: