Team and Users

You can create teams and invite users to these teams with different roles. By default, your account is single that means you do not own or belong to a team. To create a team, click on Account > Team & Users as below:

Choose an existing team or create a new one

You need to give a name then click on Create Team button. Once, your team is created, you can invite users to the team as below:

A dropdown menu with a list of user roles

There are 4 different roles that you can assign to the team members:

  • View Only: This role can only view the charts and metrics but cannot create, stop or update the clusters.

  • Developer: Thıs role can update the cluster in addition to seeing the charts and metrics. But it cannot update and access payment settings and team settings.

  • Admin: This role has access to everything including payment and team settings.

  • Finance: This role has only access to payment setting and billing information.

After creating your team, refresh your dashboard. You will see a dropdown menu selection on top-right corner of your dashboard:

A menu that displays an example user account and a team called devs

Using this menu, you can change your team for the dashboard that means you will see the clusters only owned by the selected team.