Connecting to Viridian with Hazelcast CLC

To use the Hazelcast CLC with Viridian, you can download a preconfigured client. You don’t need to do any configuration.

The configuration file in a sample client provides the Hazelcast CLC with with the correct connection credentials.

Before you Begin

You need the following:

  • Hazelcast CLC

  • A Viridian cluster

You can find all connection credentials such as the cluster name and discovery token in the Viridian console. For details, see Connecting to Hazelcast Viridian Clusters.

Connecting to Clusters

  1. Download the Go Client sample from Viridian console.

  2. Import the configuration from the sample as dev:

    clc config dev import
  3. Start an interactive shell session.

    clc -c dev

CLC will start in the interactive mode, and you should see a command prompt.

The Hazelcast CLC connects to the cluster on demand, that is when you issue a command that requires the connection, such as running a SQL query.